Angiogenesis and anti-angiogenic foods

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>> Friday, July 02, 2010

This post shares the natural way of preventing cancer by eating healthy anti-angiogenic foods. William Li’s talk on topic “Can we eat to starve cancer?” has been an inspiration behind this post.
In his talk, he has mentioned many natural diets with antiangiogenic substances that can help to prevent cancer. Beside cancer, there are more than 70 major diseases in total that affects billions of people worldwide due to abnormal angiogenesis. 
Angiogenesis, a hallmark of cancer, is a fundamental process by which new blood vessels are formed from existing vessels. It is essential in reproduction, development and wound repair. Under these conditions, angiogenesis is highly regulated, i.e. turned on for brief periods (days) and then completely inhibited. In 1971, Dr. Folkman proposed that tumor growth and metastasis are angiogenesis-dependent and hence, blocking angiogenesis could be a strategy to arrest tumor growth. Without blood vessels, tumors cannot grow beyond a critical size or metastasize to another organ. 
William Li’s research team has conducted anti-angiogenic therapy on various species and has obtained the positive results. As Li explains, their present interest is on various diets that can be used in antiangiogenic therapy. They have prepared list of more than 30 antiangiogenic foods and beverages. You can check the list here. After watching the list, I realize that we, knowingly or unknowingly, are eating many anti-angiogenic foods that can prevent the cancer. Yes, Mother Nature has a huge database of compounds that can be used for medicinal value. But for this purpose we need more research and great efforts.

Check out the informative and very nice talk by William Li, MD.

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