Simple method of recording TLC data

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>> Saturday, January 16, 2010

Preserving TLC data is important for future record, no doubt. The common way is just by drawing the TLC plate in notebook. Today’s post will explain simple method of transferring the TLC data from glass plate to notebook using sellotape. This method is very simple. What you need is just a sellotape.
Procedure : Apply the sellotape over the TLC plate. Thereafter pull out slowly and carefully. You will find the TLC data attached to sellotape, which you can simply paste in the notebook.

This method is beneficial while recording the stained TLC plate. When you apply the staining agents, you will get different colors for different compounds on heating. If you use common method (sketching TLC plate), either color pen or words are necessary to denote the colors. Second method will easily solve this problem.

You may have confusion why color notation is important? Ok, I will explain with my experience. Once, during the reaction, I checked the TLC but the starting material seems to remain even after long reaction time. I had a question why the starting material hasn’t finished yet? So, I stained and heated the TLC plate. The result was exciting. The color of starting material and the reaction mixture was completely different. I stopped the reaction and did the workup and purification. Finally, from structure analysis it was confirmed as expected compound which has similar Rf value with the starting material.
Simple tricks make your work better.
So, how do you record the TLC data? If you are not using either of these two methods, please share it.


  1. Good idea...
    we used to follow (and most usually followed..) the common method. Though simple, to enter as record especially in an industry/lab, ur idea is really good.


  2. nice information.......thanks

  3. syn-chem and anonymous:
    thank you so much for your feedback

  4. Its a nice idea, but what if you are using glass supported TLC plates? in that case you cannot attach them to your journal. My solution is taking pictures with my cell phone and printing them. A little more work, but useful once having a nice TLC :)


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